Regarding Shadow Chasing

This photography blog is primarily updated with my most recent images, but occasionally I veer off into the past. I have studied photography for the last 13 years in both formal and informal settings. I have also traveled fairly extensively, and I am a US ex-patriot living in Hanoi, Vietnam. The photographs have been taken all over North America, Western/Central Europe, and South East Asia. Some entries are laced with words to guide (or confuse) you, others I leave to your own interpretation.

I also weave short uncensored tales from my nocturnal visions on another online project: …NIGHTSWIMMING…. It is a collective dream journal, open to new contributors. Check it out, and perhaps try it out.

Note: All banner images are photographs by myself; and the blog’s subtitle was gently lifted from “The Hollow Men” by T.S.Elliot.


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