Make room for the curious one…

I’ve had a bit of a photo-creativity block for the last few months. The homecoming after living abroad can do that to a mind — a foreign world radiates mystery, whereas the familiar can seem deceptively dull. But that’s largely due to our own laziness. So I’m looking to bust though it, and re-enlivening this blog is part of the medication. I’ve also decided to walk to work for the next couple of weeks with a light-stealing machine. This small set of photographs were taken yesterday in Medfield, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

พระแม่ธรณี or “How to Drown Mara”


“The Bodhisattva was sitting in meditation on his throne under the Bodhi Tree, Mara, the Evil One, was jealous and wanted to stop him from reaching enlightenment. Accompanied by his warriors, wild animals and his daughters, he tried to drive the Bodhisattva from his throne. All the gods were terrified and ran away, leaving the Bodhisattva alone to face Mara’s challenge. The Bodhisattva stretched down his right hand and touched the earth, summoning her to be his witness. The earth deity in the form of a beautiful woman rose up from underneath the throne, and affirmed the Bodhisattva’s right to occupy the vajriisana. She twisted her long hair, and torrents of water collected there from the innumerable donative libations of the Buddha over the ages created a flood. The flood washed away Mara and his army, and the Bodhisattva was freed to reach enlightenment.”
Content from “A Study of the History and Cult of the Buddhist Earth Deity in Mainland Southeast Asia” by Elizabeth Guthrie