Aliens Amoung Us

The things you notice in your neighborhood when you walk around with a quite mind and Wolf Eyes. . . .

Deeper explorations and meditations in the Medfield neighborhood of Baltimore, MD, USA.


Make room for the curious one…

I’ve had a bit of a photo-creativity block for the last few months. The homecoming after living abroad can do that to a mind — a foreign world radiates mystery, whereas the familiar can seem deceptively dull. But that’s largely due to our own laziness. So I’m looking to bust though it, and re-enlivening this blog is part of the medication. I’ve also decided to walk to work for the next couple of weeks with a light-stealing machine. This small set of photographs were taken yesterday in Medfield, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

LUX Show Closing in Charm City

Tonight at Maryland Art Place there is a closing reception for the LUX Show. LUX is a invitational exhibition with finalists selected by a renowned and respected panel of jurors including: Elliott Landy, Lynn Silverman, Joshua Yospyn, Colby Caldwell and Josh Sisk. I have 2 photographs in the show, and my work in particular was endorsed by Rock & Roll photographer Elliott Landy. The reception will be held from 6-8pm tonight at MAP. Directions can be found by clicking on the “LUX Show” link above. I built custom frames for each of the photographs — and the Transcendental Door sold at the show. Below is my other featured piece:
We are Fleeting

Forever Fleeting  |  2012  |  20×24 Archival Print