About The Artist


Michel Anderson:
Light-Thief-Shadow-Collector | Wacky Word Writer | Make-Believe Artist | Armchair Occultist | Desperate Psychonaut | Junkyard Engineer | Rainbow Chaser | Dream Catcher | Heathen Fire Worshiper | Funhouse Mirror Gazer | Adamant Moonbather | Morning Star Seeker | Old Bone Collector | Benevolent Mischief Maker | . . . .

If you must know more: www.PlayingShadows.com. I also operate an etsy shop with my partner, Emily Uchytil. You can find it here: www.alcheMEstudio.com
And for your entertainment — the black keys to my subconscious mind:
NIGHTSWIMMING: A Collective Dream Journal Project

Also . . . although I maintain the copyright to all my work, I am happy to lend my photography (for non-commercial ends) to other artists and/or unofficial non-profit organizations to help alleviate poverty and injustice. Do be in touch if this pertains to you and your cause. Thanks for stopping by.